Wrapping Up!

Pipe Push Paradise is almost done! It's coming out January 19th, 2018 for PC, OSX and Linux (add it to your wishlist on Steam here). PC Gamer wrote an article about the game, which already exceeds the attention I expected it to get, so that was really encouraging.

So! Here's what I did over the past couple of months:

  • Added a fast travel system
  • Added difficulty rankings for puzzles
  • Made some changes to / finalized the puzzle designs
  • Finalized the music
  • Finished the "story" (it's very minimal)
  • Varied the "wall" types, so they're not all shrubs
  • Fixed bugs

The first two items were added to try to encourage exploration. The game is non-linear and has very little gating, so my hope is that players will want to explore and not spend too much time being stuck on any one puzzle (unless they're enjoying that, of course).

Here's the remaining to-do list:

  • Teo Zamudio is going to replace a few more art assets
  • Minor sound design edits
  • Optimizations wherever possible
  • Localization, maybe

That last one feels like a bit of a long shot... Anyway, that's about it! There'll be a second trailer in the weeks leading up to release. :)

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