The game now has its first trailer! and a release date(ish)!

It felt like a good time to start spreading the word that this thing exists and is coming soon. Aside from the trailer, here's what got done this week:

  • Set up store pages on Steam and, which will be public soon
  • Implemented some achievements for Steam
  • Textured some of the game assets
  • Some significant performance gains
  • Fixed some aesthetic issues
  • Created two big bugs while trying to optimize, fixed them along with a couple of others

The biggest remaining "to-do" is figuring out how much of a story the game should have. Initially I wanted to have NPCs that talk to you to give the island some colour and playfulness and make it less lonely, but no proper story. Now my instinct is that you're alone and there's no story or dialogue at all. I'm really not sure.

Ok, that's all I've got. Bye for now.

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