Hey! Hi. Here's this week's progress:

  • Restructured the puzzle sequence
  • Made the colours more warm and vibrant and saturated
  • Fixed a couple of bugs
  • Several changes to the sound design
  • Redesigned the title screen / settings menu
  • Redesigned the credits sequence
  • More reward feedback

I spent most of the week on that first bullet point. Here's a before and after of the world map:

Teo Zamudio (the game's artist) made a ton of foliage art which you can see adorning the game's title screen here:

It's become clear that my spacey ambient synth score doesn't suit the game at all, so I've scrapped it. It will be replaced by a solo spanish/bossa nova guitar score, also provided by Teo. My score was fine, but a bit uninspired. This will be so much more special.

I'm aiming for a January 2018 release, that feels feasible. More on that soon.

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