Long Time

(originally published Nov 24th, 2019) Wow, I haven't done this in a while. Let's catch up!

When i last wrote something here (2 years ago), i was a brand new dad working hard on wrapping up Pipe Push Paradise. In the year that followed, I made another puzzle game called Hiding Spot and built an interactive children's book that is now part of the curriculum in elementary schools across Québec (Canada). 

This past January, i started working at Alice & Smith, a local studio best known for their world-class ARGs and puzzley UI games. I love our team and feel very lucky to be a part of it. 

Around the spring, I began development on Bonfire Peaks, a sort of sequel to Hiding Spot. Bonfire Peaks is a puzzle game about attachment, nostalgia and setting fire to your belongings. In the early months, i wasnt confident that it was worth pursuing, then suddenly things started to click and now I am obsessed with it. For a while i was working with an artist, but when he got busy with lucrative projects (understandably), I started working on the art myself and now all i want to do is make voxel art. It's coming along well! Here is a before and after shot of one of the early areas. 

As it stands, it's a relatively shippable game that ill enjoy polishing for at least a few more months. I'll share more here as it develops. 

<3 Corey

p.s. my kid is now a toddler and is so cool, funny and charming. :')

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