Corey Martin is a game developer & musician in Montréal, QC.

20XX-XX Bonfire Peaks (TBD, puzzle game, in development)
20XX-XX Mosscub (TBD, platformer, in development)
2019-10 I Have No Mouth, And I Must Create Blocks On All Sides Of Me (Browser, puzzle game)
2019-02 Pipe Push Paradise (PS4/XBOX One/iOS/Android, puzzle game)
2018-12 Pipe Push Paradise (Nintendo Switch, puzzle game)
2018-12 Alms Crown (PC/OSX/Linux, puzzle game)
2018-10 Hiding Spot (PC/OSX, puzzle game)
2018-08 Hiding Spot (jam version) (PC/OSX/Linux, puzzle game)
2018-04 MIDInight Run (PC/OSX/Linux, arcade game experiment)
2018-01 Pipe Push Paradise (PC/OSX/Linux, puzzle game)
2017-12 One Matter (PC/OSX/Linux, puzzle game)
2017-05 Shuriken (PC/OSX/Linux, short listening experience)
2016-11 So Broken (PC/OSX/Linux, puzzle game)

2017-05 Shuriken (4-track EP)
2017-03 Beans / Wolves of the World (LP Production)
2016-06 - (Bootleg remixes)
2016-03 Emulator (6-track EP)
2015-07 Vouvoyer (5-track EP)
2014-12 Nueva Pompeya (6-track EP)
2013-12 Matryoshka (4-track EP)
2013-08 Obscura (5-track EP)
2013-03 Pompeii (Single)
2012-04 Khyber Pass (6-track EP)
2011-12 Toboggan (12-track LP)
2011-05 Shadows of the Empire (6-track EP)
2010-03 City Glaciers (8-track EP)